Could You Become A Tree Surgeon?

Tree surgeons are those people you see halfway up a massive tree all strapped in with climbing gear adorned. It seems like a pretty exciting job, but could you see yourself in this trade? It is certainly the opposite of a boring office job and should be suitable to those of us with a head for heights and a heart for adventures.
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Here we take a level headed look at the trade and see if you still have the desire to take this interest further.

Do You Have The Right Stuff?

Before you start to think seriously about training to be a tree surgeon you should take a hard look at yourself and consider the following facts:

• Tree surgery is a very physically demanding job. You may be fit and young at the moment but how will you feel in twenty or thirty years from now?

• It sounds great to spend the summer outdoors, but what about the freezing and wet conditions that occur in winter?

• Do you have exceptional balance? It takes an incredible amount of skill to be able to spend half a day strapped to a branch twenty meters in the air. If you have any doubts about your ability to do this comfortably, you should probably try a different career path.

• Tree surgery is a dangerous job and there is no other word for this risky occupation. You will be working at heights of over twenty or thirty meters and accidents do happen no matter how careful you are.

The Good Points

Despite all of the points made above, it is a very rewarding and satisfying career, should you decide to proceed. You spend all of your working life outside and will lead a very healthy working lifestyle. Your interest in nature will be elevated incredibly and you can expect to meet many interesting people along the way.

The Timber Industry

The fact is that people will always need wood so your services will always be in demand. Tree surgeons are very important factors within the tree and woodlands business. They help to manage the preservation of forests and have a large eco-friendly part to play in saving our planet.

Job Description

An experienced tree surgeon needs to be able to perform many varied tasks on a regular basis:

• You should be comfortable operating heavy machinery at heights whilst looking out for others safety on the ground.

• You should have no fears at all of working at extreme heights even during adverse weather conditions.

• You need to have a sound knowledge of arboriculture and expect to spend a few years studying at college for this.

• Teamwork should be something you are happy to take part in but you also will be comfortable working alone for long period of time.

Career Options

Most tree surgeons begin their careers working for large forestry commissions and timber companies. As you get more experienced you can consider starting your own small tree surgery business.