Guide Review: Two for Her Two for Him: All Four Elements of the Erotic Romance Novella by Leon Kastel

“Two for Her Two for Him: All Four Elements of the Erotic Romance Novella” is the third ebook I have examine by Leon Kastel. This E-book novella is offered by Amazon Kindle.
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At somewhere around eighty pages, or about 20 pages in each individual of the four character’s elements of the ebook, it features superior selection in viewpoint and conversation.

Incredibly entertaining! Go through it for erotic conversation and the psychological dynamics important to function in our usually hypocritical modern society. There is no criminal offense and only a small amount of action in this novella, various for Kastel. As a substitute it is more erotic, passionate and psychological. The humor is there but less so than his “Dropped Yacht Pirate Appreciate Colony.”

“Two for Her Two for Him: All Four Pieces of the Erotic Romance Novella” is well structured for reading all at when or in 4 separate sittings. This book presents a appear at marriage long expression from the erotic viewpoint. Leon Kastel in some cases writes from a playwright’s viewpoint to my intellect, but it unquestionably is entertaining.

The figures are a married couple George and Martha and their respective really like pursuits Virginia and Edward. None of the figures has any criminal or sexually predatorial capabilities, but they react to just one another in humanly acquainted situations. The writer brings together believable coincidence with somewhat frequent American responses to current a story line that is attention-grabbing and full of erotic interactions.

The erotic interactions in them selves are not so unique but they are built endearing and appealing as a section of the character conversation – authentic and plausible.

This Book “Two for Her Two for Him: All Four Areas of the Erotic Romance Novella” has Kastel dealing yet again with culturally germain issues of heterosexual politics and American social psychology. He has done this in an entertaining and erotic vogue.

Philosophically speaking Leon Kastel could danger currently being observed as a cynic and a sensationalist – but his themes are nonetheless forgiveably human. The heat is there, just a little bit comic. Kastel scores yet again for me with an Amazon Kindle E book novella.

This book was described in passing as an up to date version of “Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice” that was popularized by Hollywood some 30 decades ago. But this ebook is certainly not about swapping involving married partners. And as considerably as “Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice” weighed the difficulties of erotic openness with other associates, even as considerably as team intercourse in a person mattress, this book employs privacy and at least some diploma of discretion as its situational backdrop.

Kastel’s use of the names George, Martha, Virginia and Edward for the principal people instructed Edward Albee’s “Who’s Frightened of Virginia Woolf” to me in the beginning. But there is quite very little sharing of individuals themes. Wherever Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” utilizes the erotic themes for the dynamics of hostile aggression and power in associations by manipulation and danger of added-marital sexual interaction, under the affect of alcohol.

Readers of romance, erotic and psychological drama thrillers will not obtain this to be a nail-biting nor a heart-rending read. It is perhaps a humane strategy to unresolved marital infidelity.

Leon Kastel has a fantastic 3rd Ebook in this article, “Two for Her Two for Him: All 4 Pieces of the Erotic Romance Novella,” in delivering a 4-cornered fiction story in a novella.